Whenever you see a successful business,
someone once made a courageous decision.
Peter F. Drucker

In 1947 are passed two years after the conclusion of the Second World War and Europe feels the need and the desire of a rebirth.

Italy doesn't make exeption and the spirit of enterpries of the citizens allows the start of many companies which, during the second postwar period, make possible the economic boom.

Exactly that year, in Monza, Vittorio Motta, his father and other associates, decide to found their own tannery.
Monza isn't included in the majors italian tannery districts but, in spite of it, Motta Pelli is even now related to the territory where was born and thanks to which had the possibility of grow, evolve and innovate.

This is a family history that identify in Giorgio and Maurizio Motta, present owners, the third generation of a society with seventy years behind. 

The secret of this success is not a secret at all, but the union of a series of factors that made possible the achievement of an important goal like the seventy years of activity. 

What are we talking about?

The passion for job, the respect of others' work and the ability to find the right balance betwen past, present and future, the competence to stay in a happy medium betwen tradition and innovation.

History of Motta Pelli is the tale of an evolutionary route that remains strongly related to the deep roots from which arise and from which takes the nourishment that is necessary to grow, develop and live in a reality that requires to innovate in order to face the permanent mutation.

The path travelled by our company took us to the subscription at the innovative project Industry 4.0 even if mantaining, as the central nucleus of our work, the esteem of the masterful artisan job that is passed down from generation to generation.